In the stable

The Danish Agro group produces and distributes just about everything the modern farmer needs in the stable - from animals and feeds to medicines and vitamins.


As part of the group's agribusiness activities, we produce our own range of feed mixes, sold to thousands of farmers around the Baltic. The group owns and runs 18 feed factories producing feed for pigs, poultry, cattle and horses. In addition, our Scanfedt subsidiary produces the group's own range of vegetable oils and fats used in feed mixes. Danish Agro produces around 2 million tons of feed annually.

Premix and vitamins

Our subsidiary Vilomix produces customised vitamin and mineral mixes sold to livestock producers and the feed industry at home and abroad. Exports are growing and we have a significant market share in Denmark and the countries bordering the Baltic.

Veterinary medicines

The group buys medicines for production livestock via Vilovet A/S from medical companies for direct resale to individual farmers. We stock a full range, allowing Vilovet to deliver at short notice.

Organic products

Danish Agro produces around 40,000 tons of organic feeds annually, with particular success on the Danish and Finnish markets. The group developed production of organic egg-layer mixes in 2013, allowing us to offer the best structure feed for egg-laying hens on the market. Our subsidiary HEDEGAARD foods A/S uses the feed for its production of over 250 million organic eggs annually.


We produce livestock ranging from chicks to the world-famous Danish bacon porker. DanHatch A/S is one of the biggest and most efficient producers of day-old chicks, producing a total of 170 million from our own hatching facilities annually. Hatting A/S produces up to 4.3 million doses of boar semen per year used for inseminating sows, ultimately producing 22.5 million piglets per year. A third of those are exported and the rest are fattened up and butchered in Denmark.