In the field

The aim of the Danish Agro group is to be the farmer's preferred partner. That's why we strongly believe in being able to provide everything needed in the field – regardless of whether the farm is organic or conventional.


We handle around 5,9 million tons of crops for farmers in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region. We either process or resell the crops in order to receive the best possible price, depending on the type of crop. The group buys in and sells wheat and malt barley used for food products, animal feed and brewing. We also handle a significant amount of rapeseed, processed at the group's rapeseed mills in Denmark and the Baltic States. Our rapeseed is used to produce oil for food products, biodiesel and the animal feed industry, and for rapeseed cakes sold as animal feed.

Plant protection

Danish Agro has a wide range of plant protection products, including for special fruit and vegetable crops. We distribute a large amount of plant protection products to farmers in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region every year. Our 'Greenline' customer club concept, giving members a number of benefits, has been a major success in Denmark.


DanGødning A/S is the biggest producer of liquid fertilisers in Northern Europe for all types of crops, primarily active on the Danish market. We are also distributors for a number of solid fertilisers to the whole of our customer base in Denmark and the Baltic Region. The Danish Agro group sells around 800,000 tons of fertiliser in total per year.


Our Nordic Seed subsidiary processes and markets new organic and conventional seed species internationally. The company has a solid market share in Denmark, Norway and the Baltic States for wheat and spring barley, and the Danish Agro group's agribusiness companies sell over 110 million tons of seed annually.


In addition to organic seeds including a range of species and varieties, we also cultivate and produce peas, broad beans and lupins that can help to ensure organic farmers a better price or more value for their feed mixes.