Farm supply and energy

The Danish Agro group aims to be the preferred partner for the farmers it deals with. That's why we also believe it important that the group can offer as many of the products demanded by farmers as possible, including within farm supply, retailing and energy.

Farm supply

A term that simply means "anything a farmer needs". Farm Supply covers a range of solutions within catalogue products, feed additives, hygiene products, silage agents, plastic film, stretch film and yarn. Group subsidiary Vilofarm handles procurement of products on behalf of the group subsidiaries to ensure the best possible price.


Danish Agro runs 21 retail outlets in Denmark, serving rural and urban families. The chain stocks a wide range ranging from pet foods, plant protection and fertilisers to gardening products and work clothing, plus sound advice. We run a chain of 60 'Agrimarkets' in Finland under the Hankkija name, selling everything from cat food to combine harvesters. The chain serves professional farmers, smallholders and outdoor enthusiasts. Multasormi garden centres often share the Agrimarket premises.

Energy and heat

DV Energy supplies members of DLA Agro with high quality oil products and biofuels. DV Energy has a strategic partnership with Circle K and Fuchs, meaning that farmers in Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic States can benefit from Circle K's products such as heating oil, diesel and agrodiesel and lubricants from Fuchs.

The group also supplies biofuels in the form of high quality wood pellets via DV Energy. Delivery can be made quickly to the door thanks to our efficient distribution network.