Commodity trading and processing

Danish Agro is the majority shareholder of DLA Agro a.m.b.a. – a procurement cooperative consisting of a number of agribusiness companies in Scandinavia and the Baltic Region.


Apart from servicing its members, DLA Agro's objective is to procure such commodities as feed ingredients, fertiliser, plant protection, plastic, net and yarn for resale by members.

Increased internationalisation of the Danish Agro group in recent years - especially in the Baltic Region - has generated synergies within procurement, with much bigger volumes and more locations than before. This can be seen in procurement at competitive prices which ultimately means lower sales prices.

In addition to offering the agricultural industry a highly varied quality range, the company provides its members with a high level of supply security, along with extensive expertise within each product area.


DLA Agro also uses a number of the Danish Agro group's support companies for processing ingredients and developing products distributed via its members, including processing rapeseed by Scanola to produce rapeseed cakes, oil for human consumption and for the biodisel industry.

Scanfedt produces vegetable oils and fats used in feed mixes and Nordic Seed produces seed species distributed and sold via the Danish Agro group's agribusiness companies and its other members.