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Vilomix Holding A/S acquires majority shareholding in Spanish premix company


The Spanish company TEGASA is acquired by the Danish Agro group subsidiary Vilomix.

As part of the development of the Vilomix Group’s vitamin and mineral activities, Vilomix Holding A/S – a part of Danish Agro group – has acquired the majority shareholding in TEGASA (Técnica Ganadera S.L.), a Spanish company, effective 2 September 2021. 

TEGASA was founded in 1965, since then it has been owned by the founding family and some employees. TEGASA has a nationwide sales organisation on the Spanish market, producing vitamin and mineral mixes (premix) and supplementary feeds/vitamin supplements for pigs, cattle and poultry. TEGASA has a strong brand on the Spanish market, and operates internationally as well.

Turnover in 2020 was approx. EUR 12 million, and the company has a workforce of about 30. The head office is in Barcelona and the factory is located in Valls, Tarragona. The factory is fully automated with its own laboratory, and production processes are quality-certified according to FAMI-QS and following ISO 22000 quality standards. The guiding philosophy of TEGASA is strong technical support for customers along with strong product concepts developed both internally and externally. 

“I am very satisfied with this acquisition, which fits in perfectly with our strategy of growth and taking a leading position in southern Europe”, says Peter Iversen, CEO of Vilomix Holding, before continuing:

“We see major synergies between TEGASA and Vilomix within product development, and the considerable expertise within animal nutrition. Spanish pig production is characterised by major integrators, and the opportunity of working close with these players, will now be even better. We also believe that with our strength and know-how within feeding genetics from Denmark, we can create an even stronger position for our new subsidiary on the Spanish market.” A large part of the around 2 million sows in Spain are of Danish descent.

Pablo Masiá, CEO of TEGASA, says: “We, at TEGASA, are very proud to assist Vilomix on its growth strategy helping them to place the Danish flag into the Spanish market through our company. We are very confident that TEGASA´s market experience together with Vilomix’s expertise within animal nutrition, will be able to add the highest value to our current and future customers through a complete catalogue of products and services. We look forward to start this new project together with Vilomix and help the Spanish Agri-industry with new developments and solutions that will come, taking TEGASA-VILOMIX to the next step”.