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The agribusiness company Hedegaard gets new management


As an extension of Danish Agro’s acquisition of shares in Hedegaard A/S, CEO Søren Rathcke has decided to hand over the reins of Hedegaard.

Going forward, Henrik Bendtsen (Sales Director) and Mads Kristensen (Purchasing Director) will coordinate the management of the company together.  

Henning Haahr, Group Managing Director of Danish Agro, explains the reason for the change:

“Søren Rathcke has been a highly talented leader of Hedegaard for years. I would have loved to see Søren remain in the position, but he decided that now was the time to pass on the managerial responsibility. Naturally, I respect his decision. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Søren Rathcke for his impressive efforts in Hedegaard over the years, and I am delighted to hear that he has agreed to be affiliated with the Danish Agro Group in other roles," says Henning Haahr and continues:

“Henrik Bendtsen and Mads Kristensen both have many years of experience. As co-executives, I am sure, they will continue the tradition of strong leadership in Hedegaard and help take advantage of the new opportunities for synergies between Danish Agro and Hedegaard, which the new ownership structure allows.” 

Søren Rathcke also explains his reason for stopping:

“The new ownership structure marks the start of a new era for Hedegaard. I have been CEO of Hedegaard for many years and decided that this was a good opportunity to pass on the baton. I am absolutely confident that Henrik Bendtsen and Mads Kristensen will make a strong management team for the company. I wish them and all the employees of Hedegaard every success,” says Søren Rathcke. 

In addition to the role of CEO of Hedegaard, Søren Rathcke is also resigning as a member of Danish Agro Group’s management. Søren Rathcke will remain associated with the Danish Agro Group, but in other roles.