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Strategic partnership with digital frontrunner


Danish Agro group has just concluded a strategic partnership agreement with FieldSense, a developer of digital farming solutions

Danish Agro has just concluded a strategic partnership agreement with FieldSense, a developer of solutions at field level within satellite surveillance and intelligent analysis of data for farming. One of the innovations FieldSense is responsible for is the development of a weather station that measures eight climate and weather parameters, plus a computer-based platform able to help farmers with optimum fertiliser application via analysis of satellite data. The long-term objective is to develop solutions able to warn farmers to take precautions against pests and disease as early as possible based on the analysis of satellite and weather data. 
The agreement involves Danish Agro acquiring shares in the company. 
Group CEO of Danish Agro, Henning Haahr, sees considerable potential in the agreement, not least in the company's own weather station that measures wind, rainfall, air humidity, air pressure, UV index, light intensity plus air and soil temperature. 
"Digital solutions able to create value for the farmer are a strategic focus area for Danish Agro. FieldSense has created a platform that already provides a powerful aid for the modern farmer to increase efficiency. We strongly believe in it, and look forward to further development of the platform together," says Haahr, and continued:
"FieldSense have also shown that they are perfectly capable of developing simple, intuitive solutions able to make a big difference for farmers at modest cost. Weather data is vital to farmers, and FieldSense's product can provide them with weather data of a level of quality they do not currently have access to. The agreement will involve Danish Agro setting up 200 weather stations via customers in the short-term, and the plan calls for having over 1,000 by the end of 2018 stretching across Denmark. They will provide very precise weather data able to support the huge range of decisions farmers have to make every day based on climate and weather conditions," states Haahr.
Farmers will gain access to FieldSense's weather stations via a low monthly subscription, and will be able to read them via an app.  
Managing Director of FieldSense, John Smedegaard, is delighted with the agreement with Danish Agro, and looks forward to developing more digital solutions in partnership with the group.
"The partnership with Danish Agro is a unique opportunity to ensure that our research and development achieve a high level of practical relevance for Danish arable farmers. Danish Agro has been owned and run by Danish farmers since 1901, and therefore possess deep insight and understanding for their needs. I look forward to jointly developing FieldSense, and to ensure world class weather data for them," he says.
FieldSense is based in Aarhus, Denmark, and employs 10 people including specialists within artificial intelligence and the analysis of satellite and climate data. The company has won several awards for its digital solutions, including the Copernicus Masters Farming Challenge and ESA Space App Camp.