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Largest CLAAS partner


With the approval secured for acquiring CLAAS activities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the beginning of 2020, the Danish Agro group will become CLAAS’ largest partner in an international context.

The Danish Agro group currently represents CLAAS in seven countries - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - and in 2020, it is expecting a turnover of approximately EUR 675 million in its machinery division which also includes activities in Poland and the Czech Republic. Overall, in 2019 the machinery division has grown with 11% to a turnover amounted to EUR 523 million. In a year characterised by customers’ restraint in investments because of the draught in 2018, it is particularly well done that growth has been achieved in a decreasing market. In addition, an operating income amounted to EUR 10 million has been achieved.

This has been achieved in just four years, and is, among other things, a reflection of a strong and trusting relationship with the CLAAS organisation. 

“We are very satisfied with our partnership with CLAAS, and with a strong position in seven countries, there are a number of synergies that we can take advantage of when it comes to IT, spare parts, used machinery, know how, etc. At the same time, the position allows our purchasing clout to ensure that we can sell cheap machinery to individual farmers,” says Group CEO of Danish Agro, Henning Haahr, and continues:

“In addition, our strong partnership with CLAAS provides the individual farmers with a number of direct advantages in terms of the products that are developed. CLAAS is very aware of the needs of the farmers we work with, and their R&D projects include a close dialogue with farmers from our market areas,” he says. 

Today, the Danish Agro group is active in buying and selling machinery in a total of nine countries. Besides the seven countries involved in the CLAAS partnership, Danish Agro represents New Holland in Poland and AGCO in the Czech Republic.