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DAVA Foods acquire Norwegian company


DAVA Foods, a market leader in the Northern countries within the fresh eggs business, has acquired 70,3 % of the shares in Eggprodukter AS in Norway.

Eggprodukter AS processes and sells pasteurised and boiled egg products for the Norwegien market and has a market share of 15-20 % in this area. In 2015, the company had a turnover of 5,5 million EUR and realised a positive profit.

Group CEO in DAVA Foods, Ivan Noes Jørgensen, tells about the background for the acquisition:

- Today we are active with seven companies in five countries and with the acquisition of Eggprodukter AS, we now also have access to the interesting Norwegian market. The company is smaller, modern business with a good management capacity. Together with our product know how and the synergies we bring to the table, we expect the company to realise a considerable organic growth, he says and continues:

During the year, we expect be ready to introduce some of our pasterurised products to the Norwegian market, such as our new protein beverages White TM, he says.

It will be the Norwegian Rune Hennum, who will manage the company. Rune Hennum has worked within the poultry and egg business for 16 years and has an in depth knowledge of the market and the field of business. Ivan Noes Jørgensen will become chairman of the board in the company.