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Danish Agro represented in Agravis Board for Directors


On Thursday 19 May, Group CEO in Danish Agro, Christian Junker, was elected to the board of directors of the German agribusiness group Agravis Raiffeissen AG.

Also Deputy Group CEO of Danish Agro, Henning Haahr, was elected as substitute to the same board. Christian Junker is the first non-German elected to the board of Agravis which annually has a turnover of about 7 billion EUR and employ 6.300 people.

Christian Junker is happy about his new position of trust and see it as a strong confirmation of the close collaboration between Danish Agro and Agravis.

- My new role in the board of directors in Agravis should be seen as a confirmation of how close, strong and trustful our collaboration between Danish Agro and Agravis is. In Danish Agro, we appreciate this very much. The fact that Henning Haahr has been elected as a substitute to the board shows Agravis long term commitment. He will be able to take over my seat, when I one day stop in the board. Today Danish Agro and Agravis have a close strategic partnership with agribusiness activities, special feed and machinery sales in Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Hungary, says Christian Junker.

In total the jointly owned companies turns over 2.4 billion EUR per year and employ about 2.000 people.

Christian Junker is the first non-German elected to the board of directors of Agravis.

- With the election, Agravis has had a wish of bringing skills within international business management into the board. During the last few years, Agravis has increased its international activities, and in the board they have assessed that they would benefit from the experience in the Danish Agro group management, says Christian Junker.

Danish Agro collaboration with Agravis also includes Danish agribusiness Vestjyllands Andel where all three companies have a common goal of developing their international activities together. According to Christian Junker, Danish Agro has a declared strategy to be an active part of international strategic alliances. This is an excellent way to develop international business, ensuring that the company can move into new areas and industry sectors with as much knowledge and strength as possible