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Danish Agro invest in Danish machinery dealer


Danish Agro Machinery Holding A/S signed an agreement on 30 June to acquire 45% of the shares in Danish machinery dealer ALMAS Agro A/S.

ALMAS Agro A/S enjoys a strong position in North Jutland and Himmerland, with branches in Brønderslev and Hvam, and is a large, well-run CLAAS dealership with skilled and experienced personnel. As part of the deal, Danish Agro has the option of acquiring the remaining 55% of the shares at a later date.
Danish Agro's CEO, Christian Junker, is extremely satisfied with the deal:
"ALMAS Agro is a well-managed, large and important machinery dealer with long experience of CLAAS products. The company employs 26 experienced personnel, turns over around DKK 100 million and enjoys an excellent relationship with farmers in the region - something we intend to continue together. I was therefore in no doubt when Børge Vestergård, owner of the company, expressed an interest in selling to us. I see massive potential in the company and its skilled staff," he says.
The owner of ALMAS Agro A/S, Børge Vestergård, stated:
"The most important thing for me as the founder and owner of the company is to ensure the best possible conditions for its continued success. Reaching agreement with Danish Agro is due to the fact that I am convinced that we have a better chance to develop and grow the business together. I therefore look forward immensely to doing so, and to seeing the employees cement the future development of the company together with the management of Danish Agro."
CEO of Danish Agro Machinery Holding A/S, Jens Skifter, is pleased with the prospects offered by the deal:
"Denmark is known for its strong machinery dealers with long experience, high quality and no shortage of expertise. ALMAS Agro is no exception, and has been a valued partner for Danish farmers for many years. Our deal with the company will help ensure that level of expertise and know-how is retained within the Danish dealer structure."