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Danish Agro increases investment in a successful digital company


Danish Agro is now increasing its ownership stake in the FieldSense company.

The FieldSense company has, in just a few years, become the Danish farmers' preferred provider of field-specific weather data. To be precise, Danish Agro has become the largest individual owner of FieldSense, with 16.2% of the shares. Among other things, FieldSense has sold more than 2,000 weather stations in 10 countries since 2015 and now faces a major Danish and international expansion.

“FieldSense's products have proved their worth in recent years as important digital tools for the modern farmer. The company has enjoyed impressive growth and would now like to expand further internationally in Germany, Poland, and England, among others. We see great prospects in this growth journey, and the investment makes even closer cooperation possible, with considerable expectations linked to it,” said CEO of the Danish Agro Group Henning Haahr. 

Among other things, FieldSense wishes to secure a strong position in Germany through the sale of 2,000 weather stations to German farmers in 2022 alone. 

“FieldSense is a good example of the way we want to help the farmer with digital tools on the farm. Our strategy is based on the mantra ‘Think big, start small.’ We have also been very focused on entering into partnerships with, and investing in, companies that have solutions that provide immediate value to the farmer. FieldSense provides the farmer with a deep insight into the weather. At the same time, the weather data combined with satellite images in our Cropline platform helps to prepare even more valuable allocation maps for precision agriculture,” says Henning Haahr.

Danish Agro has today invested in several digital projects designed to ensure immediate value to the farm. A new silo monitoring solution, SiloInsite, was launched in January, and in 2021 a digital partnership around feed data was entered into with Danish Crown. In 2020, the Group also entered into a partnership with the SoilOptix company that markets a digital solution for mapping the texture and nutrient content of the fields. SoilOptix has been a considerable success with very high demand, which has meant expansion with additional analytics equipment and employees during the past season. 

“Danish Agro wants to be the farmer's preferred supplier of digital tools. We will purposefully invest in new digital technology that can help the farmer. FieldSense, SiloInsite and SoilOptix are all good examples of this. Based on practical experience and further development of the products and related services, our objective is for each of the individual tools to create even more value by being able to support each other in Denmark and in our international markets,” says Henning Haahr.