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Danish Agro and LEMKEN expand their scope of collaboration in Denmark


Five Danish machinery dealers expand their offering with the complete portfolio of LEMKEN products.

Five Danish machinery dealers, which Danish Agro is co-owner of, will as of November 2018 expand their offering with the complete portfolio of LEMKEN products.
In Northern Jutland, ALMAS AGRO already sells LEMKEN and now more of the CLAAS dealerships follow as Vinderup Maskinforretning, Traktor & Høstspecialisten, AP Jørgensen and Ringe Maskinforretning will offer the strong LEMKEN products.  

CEO in Danish Agros Machinery Division, Jens Skifter, is happy about the agreement as LEMKEN quality products are a good supplement to the CLAAS brand and the businesses.

- LEMKEN manufactures quality. In addition it is a family owned company which share our values and culture with our group. We share the ambition to make a positive difference for the farmers we serve. We are happy about our existing collaboration in Norway, Sweden, and in the three Baltic markets, he states.  

LEMKEN Sales Manager, Nis Albrechtsen, also sees opportunities in this new setup: 

- We are happy to extend our network with such a professional partner like Danish Agro - already we enjoy a trustful collaboration in other markets. With this setup our LEMKEN customers are secured a longterm partnership which will develop and grow over the next years ahead, based on a very professional sales and service setup, also to the benefit of farmers using LEMKEN products.