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Danish Agro and FLIEGL collaboration


Danish Agro has just entered into an agreement with FLIEGL Agrartechnik concerning further sale of the machinery producer’s products in Denmark.

Danish Agro has just entered into an agreement with FLIEGL Agrartechnik concerning exclusive sale of the machinery producer’s products through the six machinery dealers in Denmark, which Danish Agro is co-owner of. FLIEGL Agrartechnik is the biggest producer of transport technology for the agriculture in Europe as well as a major provider in various tools for front loaders. This means, that in the future FLIEGL’s products will be handled by the following six machinery dealers in Denmark:
• Almas Agro A/S
• Vinderup Maskinforretning A/S
• Traktor & Høstspecialisten A/S
• A.P. Jørgensen A/S 
• Ringe Maskinforretning A/S
• Røstofte Maskiner A/S
A.P. Jørgensen, Ringe Maskinforretning and Røstofte Maskiner have not previously been selling FLIEGL. Already, FLIEGL has in a period of years been collaborating with Almas Maskinforretning, Vinderup Maskinforretning og Traktor & Høstspecialisten. 
Sales manager at FLIEGL Agrartechnik, Mikkel Gasbjerg, states:
- We are proud to announce the agreement with the machinery dealers mentioned, and in the future, we strengthen our dealer network in Denmark. With these dealers our distribution structure is now clear. We have entered into an agreement with a number of machinery dealers which are big and well operated and in full definitely strengthen the distribution of FLIEGL all across Denmark. We look forward to the cooperation with all the dealers and believe that through the collaboration with the businesses, evident synergy will be possible to achieve among the dealers.
CEO of Danish Agro Machinery Holding, Jens Skifter, is happy about the agreement:
- This is a favourable agreement, and we are pleased to welcome FLIEGL in more businesses. The products from FLIEGL are of high quality and they have a wide range, of which some will be exhibited at AGROMEK in Herning in a few weeks. In other countries, Danish Agro also have a good collaboration with German FLIEGL, so this is absolutely a positive direction.