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Danish Agro acquires Himmerlands Grovvarer


Himmerlands Grovvarer and Danish Agro have just signed an agreement resulting in the Jutland-based agribusiness company being sold to the Danish Agro group.

The three owners of Himmerlands Grovvarer, Søren Have, Knud Ring and Torben Frederiksen are very satisfied with the agreement:

“Himmerlands Grovvarer is a healthy business with a strong customer base, and we are proud of the results that we have created together with the farmers in Jutland. When we were contacted by Danish Agro, we felt that now was the right time to consider the future of Himmerlands Grovvarer. It has been important for us to ensure that the qualities our company stands for would still be offered to our customers moving forward. Therefore, we have decided that Himmerlands Grovvarer will now become part of the Danish Agro group. We share the same values, and Himmerlands Grovvarer will now, as part of the Danish Agro group, be able to provide even better offers to the farmers of Himmerland,” says Torben Frederiksen, CEO of Himmerlands Grovvarer.  

As part of the agreement, Søren Have, Knud Ring and Torben Frederiksen have wanted to step back from the company and retire once the agreement gets the final approval from the competition authorities. Until then, they will continue working at Himmerlands Grovvarer. The plan is for Himmerlands Grovvarer to be merged with the Danish Agro group and for all departments, employees, etc. to be transferred to Danish Agro. 

Group CEO of the Danish Agro group, Henning Haahr, is very satisfied with the agreement. 

“Himmerlands Grovvarer is a strong company with highly competent employees. We share their culture and values and the company’s employees will be a strong addition to the Danish Agro family. In the same way, Himmerlands Grovvarer’s department network will supplement Danish Agro’s department network really well. We are glad that Himmerlands Grovvarer wants to be sold to Danish Agro, and we will do our part to ensure that the company’s values are preserved,” says Henning Haahr. 

Himmerlands Grovvarer has 50 employees across five departments in Aars, Skals, Rostrup, Skalmstrup and Aarhus and it has an annual turnover of around EUR 94 million. 

The agreement is contingent upon the approval of the Danish competition authorities.