Scanfedt A/S

Scanfedt buys, mixes and sells vegetable oils and fats for use primarily in pig and cattle feed at its tank terminal in the port of Aarhus, Denmark.

Focusing on product and feed safety plus supply security, the company supplies fats and oils to DLA Agro's members and subsidiaries at home and abroad.

Scanfedt's customers can dictate the fat types to be used in their individual feed mixes.

Important information
Recently Scanfedt A/S has been the victim of fraudsters who pretend to represent our company. Fake trades has been made and several fake websites has been active using the name of Scanfedt to sell various goods that we do not produce or know anything about.
Please note, that this is the official website of Scanfedt A/S and the only place to find official information about our company. 
Contact details
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