Responsibility towards our owners

Danish Agro group is a cooperative with subsidiaries in a number of countries. Our owners financial interests are the starting point for how we manage the business.

This means, that we are very aware about securing a high information level along with transparency in the group strategy, so our owners have the right information level in order to participate in the important decisions processes in the company.


In Danish Agro we wish create a healthy financial business, which generates profitability for our owners.

This means, that we:

  • Go far to realize the financial targets, which we have defined
  • Constantly have focus on the financial perspectives in the decision we make
  • Constantly have focus on tight internal financial control
  • Only participate in business partnerships, where the financial implication thoroughly have been analyzed
  • Pay the taxes we are obliged to pay


The management has a responsibility to provide the shareholders with enough information, so they can contribute to the business strategy and participate in important decisions.

This means that we:

  • Make sure that the Board of Directors has the knowledge needed to decide what the group strategy should be and to follow up on the managements decisions
  • Make it easy for shareholders to participate in important decision such elections to the board of directors
  • Secure a high level of information towards the shareholders regarding the groups activities


The members of the Danish Agro co-operative is the foundation of our group, and their right is of great importance for us.

This means that we:

  • Ensure, that there are common and fair conditions for joining and leaving the co-operative
  • Protect and are transparent regarding the member rights of members in the co-operative