Good business practice

We always strive to follow the laws in the countries, where we are active, and we have a clear position on business ethics, including that we do not accept any form of bribery. Credibility, trust and integrity should be the starting point for a constructive collaboration with customers and collaborators.


In Danish Agro group we focus on following the current legislation in all aspects of our activities.

This means that we:

  • Live up to all requirements and standard in the current legislation
  • Keep a high information level within the organization around the legal framework, which our employees need to take into consideration
  • Respect the legal rights of our business partners

Business ethics

In Danish Agro group, integrity is in focus when we aim to achieve our business results.

This meas that we:

  • Have high demands for business ethics across the value chain and across our company
  • Deals with dilemmas by consulting our group values
  • Strive for transparency in business decisions and practices
  • Takes a stand against unethical business practice
  • Follow existing legal requirement and actively consider the ten principles of the UN Global Compact