Strategic focus

Danish Agro group has a goal of growing 10% on average per year. This is needed in order to ensure that we still can be a competitive partner to farmers.

Focus on maintaining a competetive business

Growth for Danish Agro is not a goal in itself. Growth is a means to maintain a healthy business in a business sector which is under pressure profit wise. Danish Agro follow the structural development among farmers. When farmers become bigger and more specialized we need to deliver the services, which the farmers request. We see it as our job to be able to contribute to the best possible conditions for the individual farmer to create results.

The precondition for continued growth is a healthy business. We will never compromise with this principle. We have a goal of establishing ourselves in the middle of the ten biggest agribusiness co-opertives in Europe measured in turnover, so we can maintain our competitiveness.


Benefits for customers

Our focus on growth and internationalisation has following benefits for Danish Agro’s customers and owners

  • Competetive prices: The increased size of Danish Agro enables us to measure up to the big international suppliers. It ensures competitive prices to the benefit of the farmers we do business with.

  • Knowledge and specialization: Through our international presence and contact to thousands of farmers every day, we create the best possible conditions for offering the knowledge and specialization, which our customers request.

  • More high quality products: The business areas and products we handle has their starting point in the need of the farmer. This is the precondition, when we for example are active within veterinary medicines, energy, seed breeding, etc. The more high quality products we can offer the farmer, the business partner we can be.