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Vilomix Holding A/S acquires majority shareholding in Brazilian premix company


The Brazilian company Vitamix is acquired by the Danish Agro group subsidiary Vilomix.

The Danish premix company Vilomix (owned by Danish Agro, Agravis and Vestjyllands Andel) has closed an agreement to acquire 75% of the Brazilian premix and minerals company Vitamix Nutrição Animal, which owns factories in Brazil and also in Paraguay. 

Vitamix Nutrição Animal was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Chapecó in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, where a large part of the animal production in the country is concentrated. In addition, the company has a premix and mineral plant in Naranjal, Paraguay.

CEO of Vilomix, Peter Iversen, sees great prospects in the acquisition which will be a stepstone to the South American market.

“I am delighted with the deal, which fits perfectly with our strategy to become an even more global player. We see clear synergies between Vitamix and Vilomix and together we have great potential in the sales of feed additives and customized premix solutions. At the same time, we believe that our strength and expertise in genetics in Denmark can help strengthen Vitamix's position in both Brazil and Paraguay,” says Peter Iversen.

He is pleased that Enio Feiber Sônego, CEO and one of the founders of Vitamix, remains in office and, at the same time, retains 25% of the company's shares.

“The main point for our decision to team up with Vilomix is because we share similar business principles and values. Our experience and interaction in South American conditions, together with the history of suitability and reliability of Vitamix products, will be expanded with all the technological synergies for animal nutrition and production. Indeed, we will be "stronger together",” says Enio Feiber Sônego.

Vitamix works with producers throughout Brazil and Paraguay and produces vitamin and mineral blends, as well as specialty blends and feed additives for pigs, cattle and poultry. The company employs 100 people in Brazil and Paraguay. The company had sales in 2022 of approximately 130 million DKK.

The parties agree not to disclose the terms of the agreement.