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Danish Agro to represent AgXeed autonomous robots


The Danish Agro Group has obtained the distribution rights of the Dutch brand AgXeed.

Under this agreement, the Danish Agro Machinery Division and affiliated companies in initially Denmark, Sweden, and Norway will sell and distribute the autonomous robots. Further expansion into additional countries is also anticipated.

The management and support of related digital services  will be facilitated in collaboration with AllAgBots, a subsidiary of Thorsen Teknik A/S. AllAgBots brings significant expertise in facilitating connectivity among various brands of farm machinery used in precision farming. 

Jens Skifter, Group Director in Danish Agro Machinery, express enthusiasm about the agreement.

"We firmly believe in our responsibility to support the digital transformation of farming. We find that AgXeed stands out in the robot segment due to its CE approval to operate autonomously and without supervision in the field. This aspect is crucial for optimizing fieldwork, especially considering the declining availability of skilled operators in the farming industry. Additionally, digitalization enables online service and task management, allowing farm managers to prepare data and tasks remotely, minimizing the risk of errors - and in addition the user can simply use the remote control for optimization of settings directly in the field, ensuring the required quality of the work at the specific field," he states. 

Anastasia Laska, CCO at AgXeed, views this new partnership as a highly beneficial opportunity for all parties involved. 

"As a relatively new presence in Northern Europe, we are thrilled about this opportunity and delighted to partner with an esteemed Group like Danish Agro. While digital online services transcend borders, we require partners who are fluent in the local language and well-versed in the farming legislation of each respective market. Moreover, we can build upon the existing expertise of our former partner, AllAgBots, where Torben Thorsen has been instrumental, ensuring continuity in our existing relationships,” she says.

Also Torben Thorsen, CEO at AllAgBots, is delighted that the company is joined by Danish Agro in introducing Autonomy in Scandinavia. 

"Digitalization is not only continuing but also accelerating, and farmers require support to ensure connectivity in their fields. Although major brands are striving to establish standards and harmonization, the software often poses challenges in ensuring the practical implementation of precision farming."

Danish Agro is the leading partner for more than 50,000 farmers in northern Europe and continuously engage in projects supporting the development of farming. Also Precision Farming is evolving and Danish Agro have with the app Cropline launched a very interesting platform which also in the future will develop further and support enhanced data integration between systems.

The launch of AgXeed autonomy will take place during field days in Denmark 13 th-14th June near Kolding.
And later it will be shown and demonstrated at the Borgeby Show near Malmö, Sweden.

The initial support will be jointly managed by Danish Agro Machinery, AgXeed and AllAgBots.