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Danish Agro and Hedegaard merge and become stronger together


Hedegaard, a farm supply business steeped in tradition, has now become merged into the ownership group Danish Agro.

The merger will create an even stronger company that will benefit Danish farmers.

For over 100 years, agribusiness company Hedegaard A/S has been a supplier to Danish agriculture. Now the company’s next step will be taken as Hedegaard and Danish Agro merge with the last-mentioned as the continuing company.

The merger is being done as an extension of Danish Agro acquiring full ownership of Hedegaard in 2020.

“Hedegaard has a fantastic history behind it, which we will build further on when the company now becomes merged with Danish Agro. Since 2020, we have come a long way in our strive to create a joint approach and we are now taking this step that will benefit customers, colleagues and owners,” states Henning Haahr, CEO of Danish Agro.

He stresses that all employees of Hedegaard will continue on at Danish Agro. 

For Mads Kristensen and Henrik Bendtsen who have acted concurrently as CEOs in Hedegaard since 2020, the merger is a natural one, bearing in mind structural developments in agriculture and a greater focus on digitalisation and sustainability.

“One the one hand it’s quite sad that a company like Hedegaard that is so rich in tradition is changing its name, but on the other hand I am convinced that this is a good decision, which ensures that we will also have the best possible business for our customers and colleagues in the future,” says Mads Kristensen, who is supplemented by Henrik Bendtsen,

“Throughout its entire lifespan Hedegaard has adapted to developments in Danish agriculture and this is also the case now. We begin a new era in Hedegaard’s history and the merger with Danish Agro strengthens our competitiveness to the benefit of our customers,” he says. 

Henrik Bendtsen continues on as Market Director, while Mads Kristensen continues on as Director for Energy, Biogas, etc. at Danish Agro.

In 2022, which will be the last financial year for Hedegaard, the company will have a record turnover in the region of DKK 3 billion and a highly satisfactory operating profit in the region of DKK 35 million.

With the merger, Danish Agro’s Danish farm supply business will have a total annual turnover of approximately DKK 12 billion. The expectation is that the merger will be implemented during the course of spring 2023.