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Danish Agro and AURA to jointly invest in renewable energy


Danish Agro and the energy group AURA now establish a joint company to invest in green projects within renewable energy.

Among other things, it is about production of solar and wind electricity. 

Through joint investments, the new company will contribute to ensuring the future supply of renewable energy in Denmark and make substantial progress of the green transition. It is the target of the new company that at least 200 GWh must be produced per year no later than in 2025. That corresponds to the energy consumption of between 40-50,000 households. The electricity produced must contribute to ensuring that the Danish Agro group’s supply of electricity in Denmark will solely originate from renewable energy sources in the long term. 

“Danish Agro has an ambition that in the long term the group must be supplied only by renewable energy sources. At the same time, there is a large commercial potential for Danish farmers within for example biogas and solar energy. We want to contribute to this development, and I am confident that together with AURA we can set up interesting projects that have good effect in the green transition”, says Henning Haahr, Group CEO of Danish Agro.

One of the tasks of the new company will be to identify and develop energy projects. Danish Agro and AURA already have existing collaboration on the construction of a biogas plant in east Jutland through the company Bioenergi Østjylland A/S. This project will now also be transferred to the new company. 

“AURA will be the driver of sustainability and green transition, and we have already been involved in the production and sale of renewable energy for a long time. I am certain that in the collaboration with Danish Agro we can make strong results which will further enhance the speed of the green transition. We bring extensive insight into the energy sector and the possibilities there, and in combination with Danish Agro’s in-depth knowledge of the agricultural industry we will have a strong foothold,” says Carsten Höegh Christiansen, managing director of the AURA group.

The new collaboration about the joint company has been approved by both the board of directors of Danish Agro and in the board of representatives of AURA, and will take effect immediately.