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Danish Agro’s digital solutions will be spread to more countries after a breakthrough year


In recent years, digital solutions for the farmer have been a strategic focus for the Danish Agro group.

Now the area will be expanded further, both domestically and abroad.

“With the mantra ‘think big - start small’ we have, in recent years, worked in a targeted manner to offer farmers digital solutions that create value. It is gratifying, that the solutions have been well received and this gives us the courage to take things to the next level,” says Henning Haahr, group CEO of Danish Agro.

As a key part of the strategy, Danish Agro has developed the digital platform Cropline. With it the farmer get advice about field farming based on data from multiple digital aids, such as soil analyses, biomass data, application maps, yield data and weather data from FieldSense.

In 2022, in Denmark and Finland there has been a growth of some 200 percent of farmers who use Cropline. This gives appetite to further develop the platform and at the same time take it further to other countries around the Baltic Sea, where Danish Agro has its home market.

“We are convinced that farming of the future is digital. This doesn’t just apply to Denmark and this is why we want to bring in new solutions to Denmark and our other home markets. In 2023, we expect to expand Cropline to more countries - probably Sweden and the Baltics as a first step,” says Henning Haahr.

One of the new digital solutions from the Danish Agro group in 2022 was SiloInsite, which was expanded to agriculture after having been run as a pilot project in 2021. SiloInsite is installed on the farmer’s silos and gives via a camera, among other things, a simple overview of the feed quantities in the individual silos. 

Danish Agro is not a developer of digital solutions itself, but the group works strategically with identifying exciting solutions. It then works to get them to function in conjunction with other technologies in agriculture. 

“We believe that collaboration is a decisive key to creating value for the farmer. This is something we have also had confirmed with the data collaboration we began with Danish Crown in 2021 and that has been spread further to even more pork manufacturers in 2022. In the same way, we have had a good start to our collaboration with Skov A/S for ProGrow, which is a new camera technology to support higher average earnings in the piggery,” states Henning Haahr.