Danish Agro to represent AgXeed autonomous robots


The Danish Agro Group has obtained the distribution rights of the Dutch brand AgXeed.

Vilomix Holding A/S acquires majority shareholding in Brazilian premix company


The Brazilian company Vitamix is acquired by the Danish Agro group subsidiary Vilomix.

Danish Agro delivers historically good results


In 2022, the Danish Agro group delivered its best results ever.

Danish Agro’s digital solutions will be spread to more countries after a breakthrough year


In recent years, digital solutions for the farmer have been a strategic focus for the Danish Agro group.

Danish Agro’s Machinery Division breaks record despite major supply challenges


With a turnover of over EUR 800 million, 2022 was a new record year for Danish Agro’s Machinery Division.

Danish Agro and Hedegaard merge and become stronger together


Hedegaard, a farm supply business steeped in tradition, has now become merged into the ownership group Danish Agro.

Danish Agro invests in plant-based and organic food company Organic Plant Protein A/S


Danish Agro has just entered an agreement to acquire 28% of the shares in the plant-based food company Organic Plant Protein A/S.

New strong seed breeding collaboration in Germany


Danish Agro group’s seed breeding improvement company, Nordic Seed, also owned by Vestjyllands Andel, has just entered into a strategic agreement with German agribusiness group Agravis Raiffeisen AG.

Danish Agro and AURA to jointly invest in renewable energy


Danish Agro and the energy group AURA now establish a joint company to invest in green projects within renewable energy.

Danish Agro and Agreena enter partnership on carbon certificates


The Danish Agro group and Agreena, which facilitates carbon certificate trading, have just entered a partnership.