Danish Agro acquires Himmerlands Grovvarer


Himmerlands Grovvarer and Danish Agro have just signed an agreement resulting in the Jutland-based agribusiness company being sold to the Danish Agro group.

Baltic machinery acquisition approved


The European competition authorities has just approved Danish Agros groups Baltic machinery acquisition

Danish Agro reshuffles its Group Executive Board and appoints a new Group Director


Danish Agro has made changes to its Group Executive Board and appointed new Group Directors for two of the Group’s six divisions.

The agribusiness company Hedegaard gets new management


As an extension of Danish Agro’s acquisition of shares in Hedegaard A/S, CEO Søren Rathcke has decided to hand over the reins of Hedegaard.

Danish Agro acquires Hedegaard shares from Vestjyllands Andel


Danish Agro buys 22.3% of shares in the agribusiness Hedegaard A/S from Vestjyllands Andel.

Record turnover in challenging year


In 2019, the Danish Agro group achieved its highest turnover so far of EUR 4.7 billion, a 7% increase compared to 2018.

Largest CLAAS partner


With the approval secured for acquiring CLAAS activities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the beginning of 2020, the Danish Agro group will become CLAAS’ largest partner in an international context.

Danish Agro’s digital mantra - think big, start small


Danish Agro has come a long way with its digitalisation strategy, which was launched in 2018, where digital tools for agriculture were made a strategic focus area for the group.

Danish Agro will offer digital fingerprints of farmers’ fields


The Danish Agro group has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Canadian company, SoilOptix.

New strong machinery setup in Finland – CLAAS is main brand


The Danish Agro group subisidiary in Finland, Hankkija, will in the beginning of 2020 start promoting, selling and servicing CLAAS in Finland.